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Are your marketing efforts paying off? If not, keep reading.

We all know that video production projects work. We also know that every company/client relationship isn’t a good fit. We are no different. We work best with people whom we can develop a long-term relationship. The more that we know about your goals and objectives and those of your employer, the better we can tailor a competitor-crushing campaign.

We understand that a video campaign is a huge step, but just think about the rewards it brings. No one wants to make the wrong decision is choosing a video production company; it’s results that are wanted, our current clients speak to the result that we deliver.

We partner with our clients and help them maximize their marketing efforts. Think of us as a quasi-advertising firm. If you don’t have a concept, we help develop one with you. It’s all in the scope of our partner/client relationship.

In the end, you’re happy, the boss is happy, the end users are happy, and the world keeps spinning. Call us and we’ll show you how– (704.998.3711).

Corporate Shorts
The Future of Marketing

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Over the last several years, we have seen the steep rise in Charlotte organizations using video production services. We have also seen many video viewers lose interest in company videos, very quickly. Not any longer.

We have developed a new method of creating corporate videos through proven techniques of story telling, cinematography, editing and delivery. It's called Corporate Shorts videos. We are the only video production company, which utilizes this latest, extremely effective technique. Our goal has always been to bring Hollywood to our customers and Corporate Shorts is how we do just that.

Imagine a company video that looks like a short film, with a storyline, actors, and a message. We take care of everything, and even have a director on set that keeps everything moving a smoothly as possible. The best part is that the cost is very comparable to any other company video production strategies.

We invite you to call and ask how we can create a corporate short for your business. Your audience will be engaged and emotionally connected to your product/service like never before. Its not a short video, it's a short movie.

The Right Stuff

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Looking for the benefits of value added video production services? You’ve come to the right place. Our team produces many different types of visual media: corporate shorts, website video clips, commercials, explainer videos, tradeshow videos, safety and training videos, viral video creations, demo videos, and more. We provide concept through to creations and distribution..

We never shoot social events, like weddings, parties, and other events. We only cater to corporate clients.

By concentrating strictly on the commercial market, we are able to be more effective, with a laser-focused strategy. We’re always current on all facets of video production and multi-media trend changes. We always attend the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), to ensure that we stay aware of all new technologies and techniques.

Not only do we search current and developing trends, but also stay ahead of the latest search engine optimization methods for your video production and multimedia projects. We can produce an extremely effective video campaign for you, but if no one finds's worthless. We always advise our clients on the best practices of increasing viewership, through specific online submissions, email blast, and video sitemap creations.

Most importantly, we're fun to work with and usetilze marketing secrets many companies don't have.