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  • Experience The REEL Difference
    Experience The REEL Difference
  • Video Production Company in Charlotte, NC
    Video Production Company in Charlotte, NC
  • 3D Image of Medical Device
    3D Image of Medical Device
  • Extraordinary Multimedia Productions
    Extraordinary Multimedia Productions

Experience A REEL Video Production Company

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Our Videographers and Photographers Deliver ROI
The video and film industry has exploded over the last several years, but there lies a difference between a good video and an effective one. Let me explain.

A professionally created video production project should move the viewer emotionally through a series of proven psychological steps. If the observer isn’t stirred in some emotional way (happy, sad, laughing, crying), no amount marketing and advertising will give you a return on your investment. A professional produced video, combined with cutting-edge cinematography and creative editing techniques, your video production campaign comes ALIVE. Our award-winning production service delivers this powerful formula, and also moved the viewer to ACT.

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Corporate Films and Video Shorts
How do you grab a viewer’s time and attention when everybody has a corporate video? With average attention spans reported to be less than seventeen seconds, it’s more difficult than ever to capture the attention of your audience. Episode XI Studios has developed a new videography concept called Corporate Shorts. It’s the most compelling way to grab-and-hold the viewer’s attention. Think of it as a mini movie, starring your product or service as the hero of the story.

Corporate Shorts and Films


Our Exclusive Video Production Process
We have developed an exclusive new production workflow, which allows for abundant production value. Our process is more about capturing high quality images and audio, and less about having unneeded crew-members stand around playing on cell phones. We employ with right number of people for each assignment. No longer do you have to explain to upper management why half the crew is standing around playing games. You have the benefit of working with a small group of crew people who have big ideas and a larger success rate. We take you through every step of the way, with custom-made tools designed to help you effectively explain the vision to your team and gain management buy-in.

Video Production Process


You Need a Long-term Partner, Not a Vendor
It’s no secret that organizations put more pressure on staff members to produce more with less. It can be stressful to manage at times, but there is hope when it comes to video, photography and 3D multimedia projects.

Our ultimate goal is to partner with our clients to provide a continual stream of effective, stress-free multimedia projects, which helps obtain the company’s goals and lo. Our team of video producers, photographers, and 3D artists all strive to learn about your organization, your products and services and, more importantly, to learn about you and your goals. Together we can better develop a plan to help you obtain your personal goals and gain critical growth for your overall organization.

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Hollywood Quality, Local Rates

Episode 11 believes its corporate customers deserve the same production quality that the big brands use for their seven-figure Super Bowl ads—without the seven-figure price tag. Our videographers are equipped with the tools best suited for corporate production projects, not weddings or social events. By catering only to corporate clients, our focus is laser sharp, our strategies are effective, and our style-Hollywood.

Explain The Name

Everybody asks that question. Remember the old TV series Home Improvement? It was one of our favorites. And our all-time favorite episode was episode eleven (See the episode here: Home Improvement), and episode  eleven was the beginning of our story. When naming the studio, we wanted the name to be something fun; after all we are creative, video and photography people. While brainstorming for a name, Home Improvement was on TV and it was our favorite episode-Episode 11.

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We take your brand to a new level

We’re happy to help you develop a strategically focused marketing campaign. We bring that Hollywood look into every one of our productions. We not only build brand awareness, we take brands to a new level of visual impact.

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Recent Corporate Photography Work

Take a look at our recent corporate photography work. Our expertise is focused on architectural, event and product photography.

Video Production Rates and Prices

Pricing a video production project involves many variables to consider. To give you a ballpark estimation of what it costs to produce an average multimedia project, we have provided a starting point for our three tiered levels of production.

  • Budget
  • From $799.00
  • Half Day Filming (appox. 1-2 Min Video)
  • Motion Graphics
  • Royalty-Free Music
  • Tripod
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  • Advanced
  • From $3,499
  • Full Day Filming (approx. 3-5 Min Video)
  • Motion Graphics
  • Royalty-Free Music
  • Tripod/Dolly
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  • Premium
  • From $6,999
  • Full Day Filming (approx. 3-5 Min Video)
  • Motion Graphics
  • Royalty-Free Music
  • Tripod/Dolly/Crane/Steadicam
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Imagine A Situation Like This!

When you need help with multimedia projects, we partner with you to create an effective campaign. Our experience in producing true award-winning videos speaks to the level of our understanding of consumer behavior and the target market.


We help organizations reach critical goals. Multimedia makes a huge difference in how the world determines your worth; we all know it, and when we complete your project, your customers will look at you with a new appreciation. We can’t get started until you make the call.

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