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Camera Cranes
Using camera cranes promote a sense of extreme professionalism, and commands attention.
Maya 3D Software
Used in Star Wars and other movies, this is our standard for 3D designs.
Light Control
Controlling the way that light falls on a product is the secret to vivid imagery.
That’s a Wrap
It’s a package deal. You can have the most advanced equipment in the world, but without talent, its useless.
Are you ready
NAB Is Near.

Each year, we travel to Las Vegas (I know, it’s rough) to spend several days at NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) trade show. During NAB, all of the industries leading suppliers and manufacturers roll out the latest and greatest products. NAB is attended by over 1,500 companies and occupies over 850,000 square feet of wonderful new technologies and products.

Why would we do this? It keeps up on the forefront of the latest trends. Just last year, we watched Dirty Harry in 3D. What? An old film in 3D? They didn’t have 3D technology back then. Well, because of attending last year, we found that a new technology exist that turns any video/movie into 3D…WITHOUT WEARING GLASSES. See! That’s why we attend.

Stop Handholding Video Cameras!

Nothing is more unprofessional than handholding the camera, while shooting (except for specific situations). The mark of a quality production is that it mimics how we perceive the world through our own eyes, and if your vision is that shaky, please see a physician.

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Hot News

We’re moving into a larger space. That’s right folks, we need more room, not to mention a much better parking lot. We’ll still be in the same general area, just on the other side of Westinghouse. We’ll send out the new address once we get settled in. I even thing we should have a party. Stay tuned, so that you don’t miss the date. We’d love to have all of our clients and local blog readers.

Time To Upgrade Computers

It’s very important to us to upgrade our computer system every two years or so. Files continue to get bigger and trying to render on a machine that’s just two years old can be frustrating. We’re looking forward to getting the new Mac Pro’s in.

Holiday Season Suggestions

1) Folks, there are a lot of people who have less than we do. We encourage you to give directly to someone in need.
2) Make some of the gifts that you give this year. We have started this in our families and I can’t tell you how much more the gifts mean when they’re handmade. Give it a try.